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15-Minute Recipes Family Cookbook

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Easy Dinner Recipes for Family Meals

This cookbook delivers delicious, easy recipes designed with families in mind. No hard to find or overly-processed ingredients, just good food you'll be proud to serve your family.

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Healthy Baking Recipes for Families

These healthy baking recipes are full of flavor and delicious, with a few simple swaps and a few handy baking techniques make these baked goodies healthier for your family breakfast, snacks or dessert!

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15-Minute Recipes for Families

 You'll never stress about dinner again. These crazy delicious recipes are designed to get on your table in 15 minutes. No fussy ingredients or methods. Just good food fast that your family will love to eat!

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WHAT CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING About the 15 Minute REcipes COokbook

I can honestly say that we have tried every single one of the recipes in this cookbook – does that ever happen?! – and we loved every single one. If you’re looking for kid-friendly meals, if you’re looking for healthy meals, if you’re looking for quick meals on busy nights, if you’re looking for things to make when the last thing you feel like doing is standing in the kitchen, this is your cookbook.

Brandi, PA

With 4 kids and a business of our own, sometimes we get so busy that planning dinner takes a backseat to life... Only to become a source of panic around 5pm every night. Cynthia's 15 Minute Recipes cookbook is a life saver. The recipes are easy and so good. They use lots of shortcuts and easy to find ingredients, without rely on overly-processed foods that make me feel like I am sabotaging my kids' eating habits!

Becky, NC

I can't stop eating the Steak Sandwiches and the Creamy Mushroom Gnocchi. Oh! And the Beef and Broccoli. I work in a cath lab all day. So I am ALWAYS on my feet. I love to cook but when I get home, I just can't stand in the kitchen for antoher hour. These recipes are made for my life.

Makayla, GA